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Increasing Access With Online Services

Meet students where they're at. Please contact us for help acquiring devices and internet access.

A Special Note To
Parents & Guardians

Online Student Mental Health services require, and are not a substitute for, adult supervision for individuals under the age of 18. Please respect your student’s confidentiality while providing adequate adult supervision. Individuals receiving services must be located in California at the time services are provided.

How Does Online Student Mental Health Work?

“Online Student Mental Health” refers to the mode of delivering mental health services while the student and Mental Health Specialist (MHS) are not at the same location.

All laws and regulations governing in-person counseling sessions also apply to Online Student Mental Health sessions, including confidentiality and Family Education Rights to Privacy Act (FERPA).

Each Online Student Mental Health session will begin with the MHS obtaining the student’s full name and address of the student’s location for safety purposes. Video conferencing technology used is secure and compliant with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) standards.

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