Create Access to Student Mental Health Services

Wellness Together is a California non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization that provides school and community-based counseling services to Sacramento area school districts and community members. Your tax deductible donations go towards a variety of activities, including:

Intern Programs. We manage an intern program for mental health specialists working towards licensure and/or certification.  Interns provide high quality mental health services that are cost-effective for educational organizations.

Community Programs and Outreach.  Wellness together is all about building a community of organizations with the same goal: providing California's young people with desperately needed mental health services.  We partner with many community organizations and participate in outreach events. Donations help us provide the public and schools with information about resources available to them.

Legislative Initiatives.  Staff at Wellness Together often participate in policy discussions and in workgroups at the State Capitol and the Department of Education.

Operations and Logistics.  Our mental health specialists travel daily to schools to provide services.  This is on top of delivering reports, developing education plans, creating behavioral strategies, providing assistance to schools based on counseling results, and many other administrative activities. Your support can help keep our operation running!

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