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One Day Campus Workshops

“Understanding how character and the value of connection influence school culture”

What is a CORE 3 Workshop?

Character/Connection/Culture. CORE 3 is a daylong workshop designed to address the three questions; who am I, where do I belong, and what are my goals? Students will be led through an all day workshop to discover more about themselves, their strengths and weaknesses, and how they can be used in a leadership capacity. Students gain insights about their unique personalities and learn how to use their unique qualities to be agents of change on their campus and in their communities. 


Why CORE 3?

CORE 3 works in partnership with Wellness Together to address issues that affect a student’s ability to learn as well as their ability to use their strengths to bring about change. CORE 3 is committed to an ongoing relationship with each campus we work with by providing additional resources for teachers and facility members. CORE 3 recognizes that major change cannot happen in one day but with an ongoing partnership, with CORE 3 and Wellness Together, to encourage leadership development change can happen.

One thing you should know about our CORE 3 team is we have a heart and a desire to help young adults succeed in healthy environments. The CORE 3 team has been working with students around the Sacramento region in a variety of roles (coaches, motivational speakers, youth pastors, teachers, counselors, teen center directors, camp directors, etc.) for many years. 

Your CORE 3 Workshop: 

A workshop costs $3,000. This includes workshop supplies, a teacher training, and a trained program staff to facilitate the workshop.

What does the school need to do?

  • Recruit students and/or decide which grade will participate. Some schools choose to have an entire grade level go through the workshop. We try to keep the number of students to about 150. 

  • Provide a space for the workshop if it is being held on campus (gymnasium, MPR)

    • A space that can accommodate everyone sitting in chairs

    • Chairs for every participant

    • 5 long tables

    • 5-8 large garbage cans

  • Provide lunch for students (or have all students bring lunch like they would for a field trip or CORE 3 can provide lunch for $4 a participant)

  • Provide staff and teachers to help facilitate the day. We recommend schools keep a 1:7 ratio of adults to students for Middle School and 1:10 for high school)

    • CORE 3 can help with bringing additional staff if needed to reach the desired ratio

  • Acquire permission from parents

  • Be prepared to provide opportunities for students to use their leadership qualities to bring change to your campus

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