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One Day Campus Workshops

“Developing Community, Character, and Connection.”

What is a CORE 3 Workshop?

Community / Character / Connection. CORE 3 is a daylong workshop designed to help students work towards becoming the best version of themselves. Students will be led through an all day workshop to discover more about themselves, their strengths , and how they can be used in a leadership capacity. Students gain insights about their unique personalities and learn how to use their unique qualities to be agents of change on their campus and in their communities. 

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Why CORE 3?

CORE 3 is designed to help students work towards becoming the best version of themselves.  In our One Day Workshops, students and teachers develop On-Campus Community, deepen the importance of Character, and facilitate intentional Connection. 

What we do…

Community: During the workshop, students will be guided through interactive discussions on how to use their unique strengths to be agents of change on their campus.  Students will visually see how our differences make us stronger when lean into each other’s strengths and appreciate our differences.

Character: Developing self-awareness helps students understand their unique personality and strengths.  Instead of wishing they were made like someone else, a CORE 3 Workshop helps students understand the unique contributions that each personality style brings to their school.  Through interactive games and discussion, students are able to process how they feel about their personality style and develop a plan to grow into their strengths.  

Connection: Students spend the majority of a CORE 3 Workshop in teams of five to seven students with an adult facilitator.  We intentionally mix up the groups to help students develop new connections within the student body.  Students will discuss how their personality drives them, how they see the world around them, and how they can have a positive influence on their campus, at home, and in their community.

The Colors Personality Inventory: While adults are often required to take personality inventories through job applications, students have less exposure to personality tools.  CORE 3 administers The Colors Personality Inventory to students and teachers during our One Day Workshops.  We focus on the strengths of the four personality styles and through interactive discussion, learn how each personality style moves through problem solving and communication.

What every parent should know…

CORE 3 Workshops encourage students and teachers to share an interactive dialogue about their school culture and student experiences.For many students, this is a unique opportunity to be heard and to listen to the perspective of fellow students and their teachers.The Colors Personality Inventory is the foundation of our discussion and provides a common language during the workshop.In partnership with Personality Lingo, CORE 3 provides each teacher with resources on how to interact with each student based on their personality style.

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