COVID-19: Resources for Supporting Kids

COVID-19: Resources for Supporting Kids

Understanding COVID-19 Through Comics

The coronavirus is a newly discovered virus. It causes a disease called COVID-19. In some parts of the world it has made people very sick. Click here to read a comic about the coronavirus.


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The Toolbox Project

The Toolbox Project is a program that teaches kids important life skills like resiliency, self-mastery, and empathy. Grab your parent or guardian and click here to explore your own Toolbox!

SOURCE: The Toolbox Project

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Coping with the Coronavirus

Things are changing day-to-day, and there’s a lot we don’t know and can’t control.  Try some activities below to help deal with some new emotions you may be feeling:

  • Label you feelings
  • Acknowledge what you can't control
  • Make a plan to solve problems
  • Do something fun
  • Move your body

SOURCE: Coping Skills for Kids

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Calming Anxiety

Anxiety is an emotion that usually involves worry & fear. It can affect our thoughts, behaviors & physical reactions in our body. When you feel anxiety, try the following activities to calm down:

  • Think of your favorite place or things
  • Name animals alphabetically
  • Drink a cold glass of water
  • Give yourself a hug - squeeze tight!
  • Take some deep breaths SOURCE:

Coping Skills for Kids

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Self Management

Self-management involves controlling your thoughts, behaviors, and even stress. Here are 6 ways to manage stress:

  1. Get more sleep
  2. Get active
  3. Write down 3 good things before bed
  4. Talk to a friend about your feelings
  5. Stay calm and practice relaxation
  6. Make a schedule and protect your time

SOURCE: Lessons for SEL

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Self Esteem Sentence Completion

When you are not feeling your best, finish these sentences!

  • I was really happy when…
  • Something that my friends like about me is…
  • I am proud of…
  • My family was happy when I…
  • In school I am good at…
  • Something that makes me unique is…

SOURCE:  Therapist Aid  LLC

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Worrying Coping Cards

When you are worried, pull out these coping cards to help you calm down. They describe activities like taking deep breaths, listening, drawing your worry, thinking of a favorite place, journaling, writing a happy ending, talking about it, moving, listening to music, practicing a hobby, and thinking about what it is.

SOURCE: Therapist Aid LLC

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