Tom Andrews, M.A.

Tom Andrews

Tom Andrews, M.A., is a Marriage and Family Therapist Intern (IMF #97896). He is passionate about seeing people flourish.  He loves being the companion on their journeys towards self-discovery. Having spent the last ten years working with adults with disabilities, Tom has had a unique experience understanding the different ways that they are valued, regardless of their status, struggle or disability. Tom has experience working with a wide range of individuals. He has worked with individuals with autism, people struggling with depression and anxiety. 
He is passionate about creating a safe and supportive environment where people have the opportunity to be their authentic self, so that they may continue through life's journey.  Tom has a Master' Degree in Couples and Family Therapy at Alliant International University. 
During his free time Tom enjoys snowboarding, exploring the sierras and spending time with his friends and family.  He is also a huge movie nerd.  He is the Ron Weasley (from Harry Potter) or the Sam Gamgee (from LOTR), like them he values devotion and consistency. 

50-Minute Therapy Session (Sliding Scale Availible):

Office Visit: $85

Secure Online Video: $55 

Phone Contact: (916) 827-1866


Supervised by: Marlon Morgan, LPCC #795; John Branderhorst, LMFT #42823


Forms of Payment: 
Services are offered on a sliding scale based on income and ability to pay. 
All major credit and debit and Health Savings Account (HSA) cards, cash, and check are accepted.
Wellness Together does not accept insurance.